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Question: 4 10 points multiple choice quiz write a program that...

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4. (10 points) Multiple Choice Quiz Write a program that asks three multiple choice questions. Two of these questions should relate to pro ach question should have multiple choice answers that are labeled a, b, and c. Only one should be correct. An example Java question might be: gramming Java and the third one can be a wacky question. Which of the following statements will output 2? a) System.out.println (2/4 4) b) System.out.println (4 24) c) System.out.println(5 +3 / 4)i Your program should ask each of the 3 questions, input the users answer, and award 1 point for each correct answer. If the player does not correctly answer the question, be encouraging to get the next one correct and tell the user the correct answer. Output the total score (0-3) at the end after all the questions have been asked. You should input the players answer as a String variable. Remember that you must use t

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