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4. (5 points) An organism has the indicated traits. Based on current knowledge (hint review lecture powerpoints), indicate whether the organism belongs to the Domain Archaea, Bacteria, Eukarya, or some combination. Use the possible answers listed below. Place the number of the correct answer in the space provided. An answer may be used more than once Possibilities: 1. Archaea 4. Could be Archaea or Bacteria 5. Could be Archaea or eukaryote 6. Could be Bacteria or eukarvote 7. Cant tell (could be any Domain) 2. Bacteria 3. Eukaryote a prokaryotic thermophile has a nucleus includes methane-producing prokaryotes like Methanococcus janeschii has cell walls generally small unicellular organisms<2 microns across utilizes CO2 as a carbon source has oxygenic photosynthesis oxygenic photoautotrophy) has more than one type of RNA polymerase enzyme has mitochondria, chloroplasts, and other cellular organelles has circular chromosome structure

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