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4. a. i. What are the factors that affect attenuation in a waveguide? [3 marks] 11. A rectangular waveguide with internal dimensions 2.286cm × 1.016cm supporting TE1o mode at 5GHz is filled with a dielectric of relative permittivityer. What are the limits on er if only the dominant [3 marks] mode TE o propagates? Ife,-2.25 and loss tangent (tan δ)-10-3. Calculate iii. 1. guide wavelength 2. phase velocity 3. attenuation constant [2 marks] [2 marks] [2 marks] b. ) factor for a general resonator, in terms of [2 marks] energy and power. Derive a simple expression for the free space wavelength of a TE101 mode, λ101,in terms of its wid ii. th, given that a-2b- [3 marks]iii. Using the results of 4 b i. and 4 b ii. , calculate the approximate unloaded Q factor at resonance, for a following equation; 2b-72 200μm, given the [3 marks] 3 (1101) Figure Q4

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