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4. A rocket jotpack hovers in place. The jetpack and pilot has an initial total mass of Mo 130 kg which includes Me -40 kg of fuel at time t 0. The downward jetpack exhaust velocity is Ve -2940 ms. Let M-total jetpack mass at time t M varies with time as fuel is used. a) Use the steady integral momentum equation to find a simple equation for the exhaust mass flowrate f(M, g. Ve) required for hovering. b) Use the integral mass conservation equationd S&pft. Ýê.ЈА dM and the result from part a) to find a differential equation that can be used to find the hover time (until fuel is depleted) of the jet pack. Hint: The differential equation should include the variables, M, Ve, g, and t . c) Integrate this differential equation between M Mo at t-0, and M Mo-Mr at t thover to find an expression and numerical value for thover, e.g. the time until the fuel runs out.

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