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x-2 e, f(x)-/3,x = 2 f. f(x)-(3,x=0 2, x = 1 f(X) x +1,x>2 IS COnhnuaa「 f(x)! 1s not continuou tx) is not ftx) is contno f(x) ls continuous at X-1 な1 nrrhnul 4. Find the value of the constant a that makes the function continuous. 0.4x +2, x <1 a. f(x)-03x+ a, x 21 9-x1,x<2 ax, x22 a-x, x22 e(x)+4, -1 ax +16, x2-1 xcos (rx), x<2 d.f(x),o x-a, x20 e, x22 b-x, x <1 5. Let a and b represent constants and let f(x) a(x-2) , x21 b. Find b if a = -1. a. Find an equation relating a and b if f is continuous at x = 1. Graph the function. c. Find other values of a,b
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