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4. Centrifugation - Pour 30 mL of the homogenized tissue/buffer mixture into a prechilled, round bottomed plastic centrifuge tube. (Note: the mixture will be the consistency of a thick milk shake, so a spatula will help. Keep the remaining homogenate on ice until discarding later.) Label the tube with a piece of tape with your groups initials. Balance your tube with another groups tube and place opposite each other in the centrifuge. Make sure that the tubes are not too full (you do not want to spill your mixture inside the rotor). Centrifuges are dangerous and expensive. Consult your instructor/TA before running the centrifuge to make sure everything is balanced! Your homogenate will be centrifuged for 25 min at 17,000 x g (rcf). For your pre-lab protocol, calculate the number of revolutions per minute (rpm) that equal 17,000 x g using the following equation: rcf (in x g) = 1 1.12 x rotor radius in cm x (rpm/1000)2 (the radius of the rotor that you are using is 10.7 cm)
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