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4. Figure 3 shows a system for heating a continuous flow water kettle using a hot plate. Assuming that the hot plate temperature can be changed instantaneously by adjusting the rate of heat input into the hot plate, and assuming uniform temperature within the water kettle, show that the following constitutes a model for the process. dT di In this model equation, p and Cp are the density and specific heat capacity of water, c is a constant that is related to the heat transfer co-efficient, F is the volumetric flowrate, V is the volume of water in the kettle, To is the inlet temperature, T is the outlet temperature (and hence the temperature within the kettle), and T,p is the temperature of the surface of the hotplate. Perform a degrees of freedom analysis and identify the output(s), input(s) and disturbance(s) in this process F, To F, T Electricity, Q Hot plate surface Figure 3: Continuous flow water kettle
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