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Question: 4 from the past optimization eve and abbey are driving...

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4. From the past: Optimization Eve and Abbey are driving to Julies house and realize they are wanting to get there as quickly as they can. As they get close, they realize that they can follow LHopital Way for 20 miles and then turn right onto Leibnitz Drive which they can follow for 10 miles to Julies house. The speed only is area, around which the roads run, but Eve and Abbey are in a Jeep Wrangler with very large knobby tires. Even and Abbey, therefore, can angle across the Differential Drudge at any time if they think it will save them time. Their average speed through the Drudge would be 20 mph. Calculate the path that would allow Eve and Abby to reach Julies house most quickly. NOTE: Think of the Drudge as a large rectangular area and the two roads as being along the perimeter of the rectangle.) limits on these two aptly name roads will keep them at a constant 30 mph. Thankfully, not there a huge open swampy space (Known as Differential Drudge) covering the entire ronstant 30M
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