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4. In the video link (see Lab 1 Background), it is said that once a unicellular organism has made the transition to multicellularity, the evolution of cellular division of labour can begin to occur. What is cellular division of labour? Why is it important? (2 Marks-Maximum 100 Words) Record your answer below. Use as much space as you require, however keep the word limit in mind Once the word limit for a question is reached, nothing written past that point will be marked 5. In this lab, you will test if rotifers preferably prey upon unicellular yeast when given the choice between unicellular and multicellular yeasts. As a group along with your bench mates, you will conduct feeding preference tests on multiple individual rotifer. For each rotifer, you will calculate the proportion of unicellular and multicellular yeast it has ingested (see Lab 1 methodology for details). This data will allow you to generate a histogram showing the proportion of unicellular yeast ingested on the x-axis and the number of rotifers tested on the y-axis. For this question, make three conceptual histograms illustrating the following possible outcomes: (7 Marks) a. Rotifers feed preferably on unicellular yeast b. Rotifers feed preferably on multicellular yeast c. Rotifers do not show a preference for multicellular or unicellular yeast. The absolute values on the y-axis are not important as long as the graphs illustrate the trends and they include proper axis labels. You can either create the figure digitally OR draw it on a piece of paper and digitize (.e., scan it or take a digital picture of it). Regardless of the method you choose, you will submit your figure below (you can paste it into this
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