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4. Interested in social justice? If so, one difficulty youl face is exposure. Even in todays social-media-obsessed and news-heavy climate, it is difficult to get a large percentage of the pop- ulation to know about a given issue. As an example, in May 2018 Glamour and GQ magazines co-conducted a poll to see what percentage of men had heard of the #meTo movement. Shock ingly, 41% of the 1147 men (aged 18 to 55) reported that they had never heard of this! a. What margin of error should the pollsters report assuming they are using approximate 95% a? b. Another challenge you face with social justice issues is peoples unwillingness to participate in surveys. If a random American man (aged 18 to 55) has a 7% chance of agreeing to your interview, how many people do you expect to reach out to if your goal is to have 1147 respondents? (A non-integer answer is possible.) c. Your friend uses this data to build a confidence interval for the proportion of all U.S. men aged 18 to 55 who had not heard of the #meToo movement as of May 2018: (38.5%, 43.5%). What confidence level is associated with her interval?

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