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Question: 4 many of the enzymatic reactions in the glycolytic pathway...

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4. Many of the enzymatic reactions in the glycolytic pathway are reversible. This means that depending on the ratio of substrates to products, that glucose can either be broken down to 2 pyruvates or it can be created by reversing the process! The Law of Mass action determines which way the reaction will go. Use the following diagram to fill in the blanks. (6 pts) Glucose osphate somerase Fructose 6-phosphate ructose If glucose is absorbed into a cell from the blood, then the overall process of resulting in the production of 2 pyruvates. If the amount of 3 phosphoglycerate increases in a cell, then the enzyme Fructose 1,6-bisphosphate will occur aldolase aldolase tiose phosphate triose phosphate will convert it to Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate (2 . If instead 2-phosphoglycerate dragenase were being converted to 3-phosphoglyerate, levels in the blood must be low, 3-phosphoghycerate (2) to causing the process of occur. In this last case, would the individual be starving or well fed? Phosphoenolpyruvate (2)PEP carborykinase uvate kinase Oxaloacetate (2) References (2 pts) Pyruvate (2) pyruvale carborylase edn of Silverthorn, pages I have abided by the Academic Honor Policy on this assignment. (signature)
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