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(40 pts) A water pump is used to pump water from one large reservoir to another large reservoir that is at a higher elevation. The free surfaces of both reservoirs are exposed to atmospheric pressure, as sketched below. The dimensions and minor loss coefficients are provided in the figure. The pumps performance is approximated by the expression: Hpump Ho -al 02ft] where the shutoff head Ho 131 [ft] of water column, coefficient a12 in units of gallons per minute (gpm) %pm2, and Q is a) Show both the system curve and the pump curve on one plot and their intersection. x axis- QIgpm] and y axis-Hsys ft] and Hpump [ft] b) Estimate the flowrate that this pump delivers in gpm for this particular system. c) Whats the value of friction factor f for this system at the flowrate calculated in (b)

42-21 = 22.0 ft (elevation difference) D = 1.20 in (pipe diameter) L. entrance = 0.50 (pipe entrance) L 6.8 (valve 2) KL.xit 1.05 (pipe exit) 2.0 (valve 1) Kebow0.34 (each elbow-there are 3) L = 124 ft (total pipe length) 0.00 in (pipe roughness) Reservoir Reservoir Valve 2 Pump Valve 1 Tip: Use basic SI units to perform all the calculations and convert the last results to ft and gpm The best ways is to first write and EES code and solve for the flowrate using: H sys = Hpump After finding the flowrate, comment out the line above and generate your parametric table and the plot.

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