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40. What were the primary results of the studies of Hubel and Wiesel, and what did they indicate about factors of the early organization of the neocortex? a. Early visual deprivation led to an initial abnormal ocular dominance organization, but over time developed normally, emphasizing the importance of innate factors b. Deprivation of normal visual input led to abnomal ocular dominance organization, indicating that experience plays a large role in the organization of the neocortex c. Some animals who have been monocularly deprived showed abnormal ocular dominance organization while other animals didnt, indicating uncertainty of the role of experience in neocortex organization. dAnimals who have been monocularly and binocularly deprived had no major anatomical difference, indicating experience plays a minor role in early organization 41. Evidence for genetic regulation of arealization is shown by the lack of Emx2 and Pax6 disrupting development of structures in a. Caudal areas only b. Rostral and caudal areas respectively c. Rostral areas only d. Caudal and rostral areas respectively
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