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44) A 37 year old male was admited to the hospital with pain in the upper part of the median abdomen. The blood tests reveal normal chemistries but a 2-fold increase in liver enzym es ALT & AST and a 10-fold elevation in the values of Amylase & Lipase. The patient needs further work up to rule out: a) Cirrhosis of the liver b) Pancreatic cancer c) Liver cancer d) Kidney failure e) Serum Hepaitis 45) A 60 year old female admited to the hospital in a critical condition with multiple problems. In the past she had history of breast cancer, seizure disorders, and jaundice. The laboratory findings reveal low level of Hb (8mg/d1), high level of bili. (13.5mg/d1) and Alk.Phos. (700 JU/L) but normal levels of liver enzymes. The patient most likely is suffering from: a) Viral hepatitis b) Pancreatic cancer c) Hepatic failure d) Hepatic carcinoma e) Bile duct obstruction A 59 year old female who had a family history of diabetes mellitus and was diagnosed as IDDM 3 years ago. She was receiving daily injections of insulin. She was admitted to the hospital complaining of abdominal pain, vomiting, headache and flu-like symptoms. The 46) patient is alert and cooperative. Lab findings include blood pH 6.95 (low), bicarbonate level 6.7 (low) and glucose level 534 mg/dl (high). Based on the lab findings, the diagnosis most likely would be: a) Hyperglycemia b) Hyperkalemia c) Diabetic ketoacidosis d) Metabolic alkalosis e) Diabetes insipidus
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