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44. HRM provides support in all of these areas to increase employee involvemen a) Delegation. b) Retirement planning Work teams ) Goal setin 45. All of the following are sumptions about the process of socialication escopt a) new employees have low aniety vels b) socialization stronply influences employee perfonmance and organiational iy c) socialization does not occur in a vac d) individuals adjust to new situations in similar ways 46. Useful employee involvement requites a) demonstrated leadership and supportive management b) increased compensation, rather than extensive training c) extensive training and increased compensation d) clear decision making responsibility by upper management 47. Which of the following is not true regading the employece involvement for HR a) Employees are expected to work in tcams b) Employces are expected to delegate c) Employees are expected to withbsild strategie infornation from co-workers d) Employees need to be trained in all aspects of the job. 48 Correlation coefficients are used to desstrale the tistical relaionships exiting betwe individuals test score and hehis perfomance. The comelation cficintscan rage in magn from a)zero to +1 9. The socialization process refers to all of the olowing c a) helping employees adape to their b) learning the ropes c) retraining workers with obsolete kills bj zero to-1, d)-100to+100 orgniations d) making new employees fuly grodluctive n coom a gb 50 Socialization can be concepthialized as a peocess made op of a) two stages: encounter and metamorplonis bpwo stage preerival and etamorphosis cjtwo stages prearrival and encouster phree stgns preatival,mcounte, and metumop
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