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5) (50 points) Arrange numbers in an equilateral triangle with n numbers at the base, like the one shown below for n - 4. The problem is to find the smallest sum in a descent from the triangles apex to its base through a sequence of adjacent numbers. 2 4 7 8 6 6 (Note that 4 in the second row has two adjacent numbers in the third row: 3 and 7, but not 1.) Thus, for the triangle above the minimal sum is 2+516 14. Store the elements of the triangle in an arrayA [i,Л. indexed top-to-bottom by rows 1-1, , n and left-to-right by columns j : 1, , 1. a) What is the size of the triangle as a function of n? In the above example, the size is 10. What is the relationship between adjacent elements of the triangle in terms of i and j? In the example above, the item 4-A[2 2] is adjacent to the items 3-A32and-A33 below it write your answer in the form A [i, Λ is adjacent to elements AL J and AL J below, for i <-. b) c) Solve this problem using dynamic programming by writing down its recurrence equation. Hint the initial conditions are S[n,Л-A[n,Л forj-1, , n and the final result is to return ș[1,1].

d) Explain how to solve this problem by the greedy method. Hint: connect the numbers to form a weighted graph and use an algorithm we already covered in class. e) Is the greedy approach more efficient than the dynamic programming solution? Explain.

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