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5. A clamping load of 20,000 lb is desired to connect two machine parts using a set of five equally spaced bolts. The required material grade of the bolts is SAE Grade 2 steel, and each bolt is to be stressed to 75% of its proof strength. Assume the load is shared equally among the five bolts, and the application is in average commercial conditions. The stiffness of the clamped members is six times that of the bolt. (15 marks) a) Select the suitable bolts and determine the required tightening torque. b) If the joint is subjected to an external load o f 8,500 lb, compute the force in the olt and the clamped members, and the final stress in the bolt. Is the joint still c) If the bolt is not safe under the external load from part b, determine the maximum d) If a total of six 5/8-11 UNC bolts are used to carry the external load of 8,500 lb, is e) If the clamping load is increased to 48,000 lb using the bolts and external load tight? Is the bolt safe when subjected to this external load? allowable external load applied to the joint. the joint tight? Is the bolt safe? from part d, is the joint tight? Is the bolt safe?

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