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5 a) Convert the following: (i) A molar flow rate of 50 kmol h1 of nitrogen gas (N2) to a volume 3 marks] (ii) A velocity of 2 m s-1 in a 50 mm internal diameter pipe to a volume 3 marks] flow rate in 1 s at 30°C and 105 Pa. flow rate in m3 day-1 b) Heptane (CHis) is burned with dry atmospheric air. A volumetric analysis of the dry pro ucts of combustion yields the following: 9.50 % CO, 1.58 % CO, 5.54 % O2, and 83.38 % N2. Assume that air contains 21 mole% O2 and 79 mole% N2. Determine (i) The unknown stoichiometric coefficients for the reaction and write the stoichiometric equation for the combustion of 1 kmol of fuel. 8 marks i) The air to fuel ratio in kg kg1 3 marks] iii) The percentage of theoretical air used. 8 marks]

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