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5. All of the following are true about projects and operations EXCEPT: A Operations are ongoing endeavours that produce repetitive outputs, with resources assigned to do basically the same set of tasks according to the standards institutionalzed in a product life cycle, whereas projects are temporary endeavours Projects require project management activities and skill sets, whereas operations require business process management, operations management activities, and skill sets. Projects can intersect with operations at various points during the product life cycle. At each point, deliverables and knowledge are transferred between the project and operations for mplementation of the delivered work. B. C. D. Because of their temporary nature, projects cannot help achieve an organizations long term goals. Therefore, strategc activties in the organization can be generally addressed w thin the organizations normal operations. 7. Your job responsibility is to align components Iprojects, programs, or related operationst to the organ zational strategv, organized into portfolios or subsidlary portfolios to optimize project or program objectives, dependencles, costs, timelines, benefits, resources, and risks. This is known as: A Components management B. Process management C. Program management D. Portfolio management. 8. The PMBOK Gulde is the standard for: A Managing all projects all of the time. 8. Managing all projects most of the time. C. Managing most projects most of the time. D. g some projects some of the time 9. The collection of generally sequental and sometimes overlapping project phases, whose name and number are determined by the management and control needs of the organlzation or organ zations involved in the project, is known as the: A 8. C. Project waterfall. Project life cycle. Project life stages. Project Management Process Groups. 10. All of the following are true about project phases and the project life cycle EXCEPT A Stakeholder influences, risk, and uncertainty are greatest at the start of the project. These factors decrease over the life of the project. 8. The ablility to influence the final characteristics of the projects product, without significantly mpacting cost, is highest at the start of the project and decreases as the project progresses toward completion.
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