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5. Clay minerals as deposited in basin floor muds will sometimes change their specific mineral type- for example smectite will react with potassium in the pore waters to change to illite When this reaction happens what elements ions are released back into the pore wa (a) iron (b) magnesium (c) calcium (d) aluminum (e) silicon ers? d. Which type of lithofacies rock property modelling will typically produce a better match to hydrocarbon production history? (a) stochastic (b) deterministic (c) mechanistic (d) atavistic (e) relativistic 7. A variogram describes the spatial continuity of data. Can variograms deseribing reservoir properties be anisotropic with direction? (a) no (b) yes (c) only in clastic reservoirs (d) only in carbonate reservoirs (e) no, only anisotropic in time 8. In the subsalt reservoir plays the hydrocarbon reservoirs in dipping clastic strata are often trapped/sealed by (a) nitrates (b) potash (c) siderite (d) gypsumm (e) salt 9. Which component of a deep sea fan tends to have the largest recovery efficiency and largest oil production per well? (a) Sand sheets. (b) Mass transport deposits. (c) Channel fills. (d) Overbank deposits. (e) Levee deposits.
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