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5. Describe the 5 different types of movement (mechanical digestion) in the small intestine that aid digestion. 6. Describe the 4 absorbing processes in the small intestine that move nutrients into body circulation What is the main absorptive task for the large intestine? 8. Compare anabolism and catabolism. Chapter S Case Study Question (could be worth 18 points in the message board) Kari ha foods high in fiber so she made some change bread, grapes, split pea soup, chili with meat & beans, cornbread, popcorn, fresh/dried fruit, granola bars, trail mix). Kari enjoys the new foods she is eating, but she has found that she has a problem with intestinal gas. It can be quite uncomfortable and she is worried that it may become embarrassing in meetings at work. s been reading about the health benefits of dietary fiber. She realized that she was not eating many s in her diet (i.e. banana, veggie sandwich on whole-wheat e Why is Kari producing more intestinal gas than before, since she changed her diet? Chapter 6- Energy Balance Make sure you review/know the definitions for chapter six: Thermic effect of food, Calorie, Resting energy expenditure (REE), Basal energy expenditure (BEE) Thyroxine Chapter 6 Short Answer Questions 1. Compare the external energy cycle with the internal energy cycle. 2. List the 3 sources of stored energy and define each. 3. Record your food energy intake for one full day. Show serving size and kcalories. Breakfast- Lunch - Dinner - Snacks- 4. List the 3 components/demands for the bodys total energy requirement (energy output). 5. Explain the various effects of lean body mass, growth periods, body temperature, and hormonal status on basal
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