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Question: 5 for an indictment jurors must vote to indite...

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5. For an indictment, ___________ jurors must vote to indite.

A) All.

B) A two-thirds majority of.

C) At least 12.

D) A simple majority of.

6. The police enter David's home pursuant to a valid arrest warrant to arrest Jennifer. is this entry lawful?

8. Abbott is being prosecuted for the murder of Costello. To prove he did not commit the crime,, Abbott wishes to testify that after the murder was committed, Barney, a member of the Coasties, a violent street gang, told him that the Coasties had killed Costello. Abbott is not a member of the Coasties. which of the following statements is correct?

A) Although Barney's statement is relevant to Abbott's innocence, it is hearsay when offered for that purpose.

B) Barney's statement is relevant non-hearsay wen offered to prove Abbott's innocence.

C) Since Abbott's testminy concerning Barney's statement would be highly self serving, the court should exclude it as a waster of time.

D) Barney's statement is not hearsay when offered to prove Abbott's innocence, but it must be excluded because its probative value is substantially outweighed by the danger of unfair prejudice.

9. Generally, a witness __________ read from a writing in aid of oral testimony.

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