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5. Introduction to the present value of money Aa Aa Under the concepts of the time value of money, you can determine the current, or present, value of a cash receipt or payment that will occur at some specified time in the future, given a specified rate of interest. This technique can be used to calculate the present value of a single or a series of future receipts or payments. Mackenzie and Savannah are walking after class between the library and the best pizzeria near campus. Theyre discussing Dr. Thibodeauxs latest financial management lecture, which addressed the concept of present value and the process for calculating it. In anticipation of tomorrows quiz, theyve decided to review their lecture notes and the textbook materials and then practice one or two problems. Complete the missing information in the conversation that follows. Round your final answer to all computations to two decimal places. However, if you compute any interest factors as an intermediate step in your calculations, round them to four decimal places. Savannah So, what is a present value, and why is it important to be able to calculate it? Mackenzie According to Dr. Thibodeaux, an assets present or value is the current value of the cash flows that it will pay or receive in the future Savannah Wait! Can you give me an example of when it would be appropriate to calculate a present value? Mackenzie Sure, but it might make more sense for you to identify such a situation. So, tell me in which of the following two scenarios you would use a present value calculation, and then explain why that is SO Scenario 1: You would like to know how much you should place on deposit to have accumulated a certain amount of money by a specific future date. Scenario 2: You would like to know how much a given amount deposited today wil grow into by a specific future date. Savannah Ummm. I think is the situation that requires the calculation of a present value.The reason is that the amount to be placed on deposit is both and occurs Mackenzie Very good! So heres your next question: How is the present value of a single amount calculated? Savannah It can be calculated by rearranging the formula that is used in the calculation of a future value. To see this . .. Mackenzie Wait, wait, wait. Could you show me what you mean by writing it down? Here is a sheet of paper, show me how to rearrange the future value formula to solve for a present value. Savannah oK, first, lets write down the equation used to calculate a future value (FV) The Calculation of a Future Value Next, lets rearrange the equation to isolate the present value (PV) term by dividing both sides of the equation by the unknown variable, the PV term, on the left-hand side of the equation: Then, well simply rewrite the equation to put the

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