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5 of 12 SULIT (ENT242) Question A4 Soalan 44 a) Draw independent normal and shear stress components of an element shown in Figure 4. Lakiskon tegasan normal dan segasan ricih sidiak berandar pds elemen Gambargiah 4 (6 Marks/ Markak) Figure 4 b) Determine the principle stresses and the maximum in plane shear stress acting at the point using Mohrs circle of element shown in Figure S. Show these points clearly on your sketch. menggunakan lakaran bualaian Mors Tukan sinil- erseb iengan jelas di lakaran anda (8 Marks/Marka 10 MPa 5 MPa 14 MPa Figure 5 Gambargjah c) If the element is oriented at an angle of 35° anti-clockwise, determine the normal stress ds and a and the shear stress, Tu that act on the stress element (6 Marks/Markak) SULIT
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