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Question: 5 shown below is a string of amino acids recall...

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5) Shown below is a string of amino acids. Recall the different amino acids have different R groups, and that different R groups have different chemical properties. The R groups of the amino acids are. in the picture below OH H OH u. OH OH OH OH On o- OH- он- он. OH- OH- OH OH OH- OH- OH- OH- H OH OH- a) Note how the string of amino acids is in a solution that contains an abundance of OH-ions. This solution would be considered a(n)... acid or base b) Suppose that the polypeptide shown above is one thats normally found in neutral environments. Would you expect the environment shown above to affect the way the polypeptide normally folds? Why or why not? 6) The shapes in the picture below represent the same things as the shapes in the figure from question #1 a) In which environment would you expect more products to be produced within 15 minutes? Environment A or Environment B ▽ b) Explain your answer to part a.
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