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5. The Chatham Islands are about 850 kilometers off the coast of New Zealand. One species of bird living on the islands, the black robin (Petroica traversi), in 1980 there were only 5 individuals left. Currently, there are already 200 black robins living there: all from a single pair. Using the "fingerprint" method of blood cell DNA, it was proved that all the robins of this species are genetically identical according to the studied gene sequences. They thrive here today. Even 70 percent young survive. And on the continent, only 42% of young Petroica australis survive. (A) Indicate: (i) the only way in which non-genetically identical black robins may occur in the island of Chatham : (ii) two reasons why the low genetic diversity may make it difficult for the robins of the Chatham Islands to survive; (iii) one reason why young of two different populations survive differently.
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