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Question: 5 various pairs of rll mutants of phage t4 were...

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5. Various pairs of rll mutants of phage T4 were tested in both cis and trans positions in infection of E. coli and comparisons made as to the average number of phage particles produced per bacterium (burst size). One set of hypothetical results for six different r mutants rU,rV,rW,rX, rY, and rZ is as follows: Burst size 258 252 Trans Cis rUrV/ wild type PWrX/wild type rYrZ/ wild type FUrW/wild type rUrX/ wild type rUrY/wild type rUrZ/ wild type rVrW/wild type rVrX/ wild type FVrY/wild type rVrZ/ wild type rWrY / wild type rWrZ/ wild type Burst size 250 255 245 260 270 FUrV 250 250 270 263 240 274 UIrX UIrY rUIrZ rVIrW rVirX rVrY rVIrZ rWIrY 270 250 260 240 255 250 If we assign rV to the A cistron, what are the locations of the other five rli mutations in respect to the A and B cistrons?
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