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(50%) 1. Please build a system in PSCAD. A 60 Hz ac system consists of two 345 kV substations (represented by 3-phase voltage source with 345 kV line-line voltage) connected through a series com- pensated line (of course, also three-phase) and the power transfer level is 900 MW (per phase is 300 MW). The series compensated transmission lne is represented by series connected R, L, and C. The compensation level of the line is 50%. Compensation level is defined as the ratio of the series capacitor reactance (Xe) versus the inductors reactance (X). We know that the capacitor has an impedance at 4012 and a transmission lines R/X ratio is 0.1 a. Please figure out the parameters of the RLC components. b. Set the receiving end voltage source angle as 0 and tune the sending end voltage source angle until the sending end power transfer level is 900 MW. What is the angle? c. Validate that with the circuit parameter and the two known voltage sources, the sending end real power is indeed 900 MW. Please use complex power computing equation S-VI to conduct validation d. Please present the screen copy of the time-domain responses of the 3-phase real power and reactive power from the source e. Carry out per unit computation by assuming that the voltage base is 345 kV line to line and the power base is 900 MW. Please give the circuit diagram of two sources connected with RLC component Mark each components per unit value, including the impedances in per unit for R, L, C, and the voltage phasors for two voltage sources. Compute the ine current in per un. Compute the sending end complex power in per unit. Finally, convert the real power from the source in per unit back to MW
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