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Question: 50 2500 wolves 40 moose 2000 1500 o 20...

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50 2500 WOLVES 40 MooSE 2000 1500 ω O 20 1000 O 10 500 1959 1969 1979 1989 2009 YEAR
DQuestion 6 1 pts How would you describe wolf population growth over time? For example, does it follow an exponential growth curve, logistic growth curve, a cyclical pattern, different patterns at different times, or is it totally erratic? Justify your answer.
DQuestion 7 1 pts Similarly, how would you describe the moose population over time and why? HTML Editor
Question 8 1 pts Define carrying capacity. Can you identify a carrying capacity for either species? Does it appear that there may be a carrying capacity that has changed for one or both species:
D Question 9 1 pts It would be fair to say that both populations have a chaotic growth rate in the long run, although sometimes they are predictable over short periods of time. What might this indicate about whether factors that are influencing the population are density dependent or -independent?
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