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5.0 Points A Reverse Osmosis (RO) system is used to produce potable water from saline water. The feed rate (influent) is QF-37.932 Gal/d, the permeate flow rate (efluent) is QP- Gal/d and the waste flow rate is QW Gavd. The salt concentration in QF Is SF 31462 754 mg/l and the salt concentration in the permeate is SP 605 mg/L what is the concentration of salt the waste stream? Given: QP-0.8QF, Qw=0.2,QF mg/l in Next Save

A Batch Reactor with a volume of 15.332 m2 is being used to treat liquid waste from a small seafood processing industry. Every week 1.933 kg of waste is added to the reactor with water, so that the final volume is 15 332 m2 The reactor is emptied after a week and a new batch of waste (same mass) is added. If the deacy rate of the waste is 0.648 d 1, determine the final concentration mg/L of the waste after a week. Next Save

stion 3 of 3 10.0 Points A toxic pollutant with an initial concentration 843.55 is being treated in a batch reactor Unfortunately, we were unable to as certain whether the substance degrades via first order or second order reaction. If the goal is to reduce the concentration by 95%, determine the number of days for 1st order and the number of days for 2nd order deacy to reach the target effluent concentration. The reaction rate constant for the first and second order reaction are 05 d-1 and 0.5x103 mg d-1 respectively

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