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Question: 50 ul pcr reaction on dna sample...

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Table 1. Pipetting scheme for master mix with COI primer sets. Add each reagent to mix in the order indicated by the number in the parentheses the m ášter p1L/Rxn | Number of | Needed for Total ul Conc of Stock Solution 5X 10 mM 25 mM Final Conc. IX 200 uM (total per tube) Reactions Master Mix master mix dNTP mix (3) MgCh (4) 1.5 mM 5 U/uL 0.05 U/HL Tag polymerase (6) DNA* Water (2) Total volume of the entire reaction (uLs) 100-200ng* 50 μし *Confirm the volume of DNA needed per reaction 100-200 ng of total DNA per PCR reaction to optimize your result. with your TA before you begin. Try to achieve

50 uL PCR reaction on DNA sample

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