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were in form 52, Answer 2 SEu 3 m 10 points) A sample of raw milk is diluted as follows: 20.0 mLof milk is transferred to an mL sterile water blank and 80.0 0.20 mL from this tube is Then o.10 mL from this container is transferred into a 380 mL rile water blank and mixed thoroughly. thoroughly. From this transferred to another tube which contains 9.90 ml of sterile water and mixed container 100 mL is transferred into a 90 ml sterile water. Draw a picture of the process just described showing exact ameNnts. For each dilution, dentify the daution factor as a fraction, ratio or decimal. oolpo 21H. From each of the dilutions you inoculate a pate of media with 0.10 mL of each dilution and 20mL of sterile nutnje agar. On the plate with t third plate you cdunt 137 colonies. Using this rmation estimate the number of cfu/mL in the original sample of raw milk. Shpw work below and place the correct answer in the given blank. IO 1000 (10 points) 53. Answer
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