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Question: 567 please as they are all connected...

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da conductor? l 33,d00,0. 5. An AWG 14 hard-drawn copper conductor is to be used in a 200 ft long cable. What is the conductors total resistance at room temperature? ρ . I .R 6. A safe current carrying capacity for AWG 14 insulated copper conductor is 15 A, what is the total power dissipation of the conductor of question 5? 7. If the conductor in question 5 is made from aluminum, what will be its total resistance? If a safe current-carrying capacity for this conductor is 12 A, what is its total power dissipation? n Household cabling is often classified according to its insulation type. The insulation is type n DI etr Lok up the meaning of the very #5,6,7 please as they are all connected.
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