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Question: 57 the apex company sold a water sottener to smith...

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57 The Apex Company sold a water sottener to Smith. The price of the unit was $350. Mart for a deferred payment plan, and a contract was writ- ten. Under the contract, the buyer could delay for the water softener if he purchased the coarse salt for recharging the softener from Apex. At the end of 2 years, the buyer was to pay for the unit in a lump sum, with interest at a quarterly rate of 1.5%. According to the contract, if the customer ceased buying salt from Apex at any time prior to 2 years, the full payment due at the end of 2 years would automatically become due. paying Six months later, Marty decided to buy salt elsewhere and stopped buying from Apex, where- upon Apex asked for the full payment that was to have been due 18 months hence. Marty was unhappy about this, so Apex offered as an alternative to accept the $350 with interest at 10% per semiannual period for the 6 months. Which alternative should accept? Explain.
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