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5a. To test if the size of the transposon that has hopped into the below sequence is similar to a transposon elsewhere in the genome, you decide to use PCR to amplify the below sequence. Write the sequence (single letter code) of the first 4 nucleotides of the primers you would use to amplify the entire sequence of DNA shown below 5 AATCTGCGCCTAGTAC 3 TTAGACGCGGATCATG CCTAGTACTAGTTGGTTCA 3 GGATCATGATCAACCAAGT 5 BIMM 100 Assignment 2 Prof. Akbar 5b. If the transposon is the same size as the one elsewhere in the genome, which is 1,000 base pairs, what size will your PCR product be? 5c. You perform this PCR reaction using genomic DNA from tumors isolated from4 different patients and your results are shown below. Provide a likely explanation for the results shown for each patient. Patient1 Patient 2 Patient 3: Patient 4 5d. If you designed your primers to immediately flank the transposon, what problem would you encounter?
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