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6 179 10 1112 13 14 1516 1718 1920 Male guppies are br too brightly colored or they will be seen and consumed by predators, but if they are too plain, fermales will choose other males. Natural selection a guppy population lives in a stream in the absence of predators, the proportion of males that are bright and flashy If a few The effects of predators on guppy coloration the of bright colared males of natural stream environments (Endler, 1980). Choose the one answer that best reflects how an evolutionary biologist would answer similar Where did in spot colors and paterns in guppy populations come from? A The guppies needed particular spots to survive and reproduce. so those spots developed The guppies wanted to change their spots, so beneficial new traits gradualy appeared in their offspring generation after generation QUESTION 3 A small island is home to a unique isolated from the large mainland population ever since. The mainiand of land snails. This population was founded by 10 individuals that floated to the isand on a log, and t has been consistently had about 10,000 it through time. The island of the
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