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What effect will each of the following have on the supply of auto tires (keeping all else constant)? a. A technological advance in the methods of producing tires (Click to select) b. A decline in the number of firms in the tire industry. Click chane c. An increase in the prices of rubber used in the production of tires( (Click toselect)3 . d. The expectation that the equilibrium price of auto tires will be lower in the future than currently:(Click to select) e. A decline in the price of large tires used for semi trucks and earth-hauling rigs, a substitute in production (with no change in the Decrease price of auto tires):(Click to select) f. The levying of a per-unit tax on each auto tire sold:(Click to select) g. The granting of a 50-cent-per-unit subsidy for each auto tire produced:(Cick to select)

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