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Question: 6 a bungee jumper dives from a tower at time0...

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6. A bungee jumper dives from a tower at time0. Her height (measured in feet) at time (in seconds) is given by the graph in Figure 1.1.4. In this problem, you may base your answers on estimates from the graph or use the fact that the jumpers height function is given by stt) 100cos(0.75t)e 02 + 100. 200 150 100 50 10 15 20 Figure 1.14: A bungee jumpers height function. a. What is the change in vertical position of the bungee jumper between0and 15? b. Estimate the jumpers average velocity on each of the following time intervals: [0,15 0, 21 [1, 61, and [8, 10 Include units on your answers. c. Onwhat time interval(s) do you think the bungee jumperachieves her greatest average velocitv2 Why2 Chapter 1 Unierstanding the Dernative d. Estimate the jumpers instantaneous velocity at 5. Show your work and explain your reasoning, and include units on your answer. e. Among the average and instantaneous velocities you computed in earlier questions, which are positive and which are negative? What does negative velocity indicate?

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