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6- A freezing room of 10x12x6 m at -18 oC receives 30 ton of fish at 25 oC to frozen it to - 16 oC in 12 hrs. The room wall consists of 20 cm hall bricks, 7.5 cm cork board, and 5 cm cement layer at inside and outside. The ceiling consists of 15 cm concrete, 10 cm cork board and 10 cm cement layer. The floor consists of 10 cm concrete, 5 cm cork board and 5 cm cement layer. The inside and outside heat transfer coefficient is 8 and 19 W(m, K). Number of air changes per hour is 1 % of the room volume. The lighting load is 400 W and 5 workers. Calculate the unit refrigeration capacity with 10 % safety factor.
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