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Question: 6 in the morning athena goes to the schools flagpole...

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6. In the morning Athena goes to the schools flagpole to raise Colorados state flag for the day This is the first time she has gotten to raise the flag. She is so excited that she raises the flag at an increasing fast rate. However, the flagpole is higher than Athena anticipated, and she tires out and has to take a short break. After this break she raises the flag at a much slower steady rate until it reaches the top of the pole. At the end of the school day the child returns to take the flag down. Athena is nervous about how to lower the flag, and begins lowering the flag at a slow constant rate. As she becomes more comfortable she lowers the flag faster and faster until she gets the flag all the way down For the above scenario choose ONE of the graphs below that provides a graphical representation of the relationship between time and the total distance traveled by the flag Distance Distance Time Time Time Time

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