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6% Q.11.) An alloy will be used as a screw to fix broken hunan bones, would you select ( A) an age hardenable Al alloy (450 MPa) or (B) an age hardenable Ti alloy? I would use_ , because (a) You are given a steel with composition: 0.3%C+0.6%Mn+0.04%s. Is this an alloy steel? 10% .10.) Explain: (b) You are also given a steel with 0.3%C+0.6%Mn+0.1%S. Compare the charpy impact toughness of this steel with that of given in (a). Which one is more tough? Why? 10% Q.3.) (a) You are given several Al alloys. Define them as I. Age-hardenable alloy. 2. Alloy for electrical conductivity application, 3) As cast alloy, 4.Cold worked Al-Mg alloy. (a) Al for soft drink cans (b) 99.9% pure Aluminum (c) 2024 (Al-4%Cu alloy) (d) Aluminum for aircraft wing (e) Alloy wheel of cars

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