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6. Quality is a term from your MEB course that you should remember. It is a measure of how much steam is in a saturated steam / saturated water system. Thus, saturated steam with 100% quality indicates a system with all steam and just one drop of saturated liquid (if it had no saturated liquid, it would not be a saturated system). As we spoke about in class, liquid drops inside a turbine cause deterioration of the turbine blades. Below is an example of what is known as water drop erosion. 5 cm Wider affected i and ii are the studied sections (Rueda, Aldo & Toledo, Miguel & Rueda, Fernando & Rangel, Rene. (2017).Numerical Investigat ion of the Droplet Behavior in Cascades Using a Finite Volume Method. Computacion y Sistemas. 21. 473-484. 10.13053/Cys21-3-2346 Solve the following problems related to quality (a) What is the quality of the saturated system when P 1 bar and 0- 1000 kJ/kg? (b) If you have a saturated system with a quality of 0.9 and the temperature is equal to 247.5 C, what is the specific volume of the system?
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