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6. The molecular weights of sucrose and water are 342.3 g.mol-1 and 18.0 g:mol, respectively A, what volume of a 5 μmol mL-1 solution of sucrose is necessary to obtain 11.9 mmol of sucrose? (Note that 5 μmol·mL-1 = 5 μmol/mL. In this course we will frequently use this method of notation as it avoids confusion whenever multiple units appear in the denominator. For example, consider a measurement of 10 mg/mL-min. Does this mean 10 mg per mL times minute, or 10 mg per ml per minute? A similar problem arises with notations such as 10 mg/mL/min. Superscript notation resolves this issue: everything with a negative superscript belongs in the denominator.) 62.38 B. 17.3 g of sucrose are dissolved in water to a final total volume of 246 mL What is the molar (mol-L1) concentration of sucrose in the resulting solution? 17.35 342.39-mol- : O. 205 mo O. 24GL C. What mass of sucrose should be dissolved to produce 100 ml of a 1.5 M solution? D. A 1.31 M solution of sucrose has a density of 1.16 g.mL1. What is i) the mass of sucrose and ii) the total mass of solution present in a 70 mL aliquot of this solution? 17
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