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Question: 6 what is the minimum diameter of the bolt used...

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6. What is the minimum diameter of the bolt used for the case shown below? The allowable shear stress for the bolt is 5 ksi. A. 1.2 in. B. 1.6 in. C. 1.8 in D. 1.0 in. Bolt 20 kip 10 kip 10 kip 7. A rubber ball has a diameter of 10 in. Under the uniform pressure, the rubber balls diameter becomes 8 in. what is the average normal strain in the rubber?-- A. 0.25 B. -0.25 C. 0.2 8. The stress-strain curve for the steel is shown below. Which statement is Incorrect? o, MPa 500 250 150 0.00075 02 025 028 0.02 0,0013 A Point D is the ultimate stress which is the peak stress. Point E is fracture stress, and the steel specimen is broken. C. In the region between B and C, strain hardening occurs. D. In the region between origin and A, when the load is removed, the deformation is reversible. 9. For the same curve in Question 8, what is modulus of elasticity for the steel? A, 20 GPa B. 80 GPa C. 125 GPa D. 200 GPa 1O. A straight bar of uniform cross section is tested in tension. The bars cross sectional area is 6.5 cm2, and the length is 4 m. When the tensile load reaches 85 kN, the total elongation is 2.5 mm. The Poissons ratio is 0.35. What is the shear modulus of this bar? A. 210 GPa B. 156 GPa C. 270 GPa D. 78 GPa
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