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60. All of the following oceur prenatalty sxsep a) Sexual morphology b) Gonadal sex c) Hormonal sex d) Sex of assignment and rearing a) Estrogen strengthens immunity d) All of the above are correct 61. Why do women live longer than men? b) Testosterone has been implicated in increased risk of heart disease c) Males die more often of injuries 62. Which person is associated with the idea of aParadigm Shift? a) Stephen Covey b) Thomas Kuhn c) Hans Selye d) Thomas Holmes 63. According to the text, what do all relationships begin with? a) Mutual liking and caring b) Who you are as an individual c) Respect and trust d) Companionship needs 64. Which statement is false about friendships? a) Friendships tend to be more stable than romantic relationships. b) The average American has four close social contacts. c) Social media has eliminated geographical closeness in establishing relationships. d) Friendships can protect against illiness.
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