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63. This feature of the hand or front foot characterizes primates 64. The mantle in the mollusk secretes the 65. Protostome 66 cleavage. 67. This structure initiates heart contraction 68. This part of the heart pumps blood to the muscles: 69. The contraction of the heart is known as 70. These leaf openings allow the exchange of gases between the leaf and the air 71. In terms of numbers, the most successful phylum on the planet is the 72. Excret cleavage; duetrostomes exhibit ory apparatus present in the phylum Platyhelminthes which function primarily to maintain osmotic balance of the animal is 73. In the animal subkingdom- the animals lack symmetry and possess neither tissues nor organs. 74. This is the site of gas exchange in insects 75. Viruses are- coated fragments of DNA or RNA that have become cells 76. Virulent viruses multiply within infected cells and eventually cause the the host cell, releasing new viruses 77. The viruses that infect bacteria are called 78. The genetic alteration of a cells genome by the introduction of foreign DNA is called 79. When bacteria are exposed to nutrient-poor conditions,they form thick-walled Containing the chromosome and a small amount of cytoplasm. 80. The bacterial DNA is located in theregion 81. Some protists are photosynthetic autotrophs and are called 82. The parasite that is responsible for causing malaria is called 83. The tropical diseases such as sleeping sickness, East Coast fever. Chagas disease, and leishmaniasis are caused by
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