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65. Which statement is false about saccessful relationships? а) The best predictor of a successful marriages is the age of the partners. b) Shared spiritual values have been shown to not affect good marriages. c) Good relationships with family and in-laws are important d) Partners recognize the value of time spent alone persuing their own values. 66. Which of the following doss not bekong on a list of factors that encourage intimacy a) Diversity b) Proximately c) Physical Attractiveness d) Similarity 67. Which is not on a list of the Dimensions of Love proposed by Dr. Robert Sternberg? a) Intimacy b) Passion c) Commitment d) Friendship 68. Which form of loves, according to Dr. Stembergs theory, includes all of the components of love? a) Romantic b) Consummate c) Fatuous onate 69. Which is not part of a Metamessage in terms of communication? a) The words someone says b) Nonverbal behavior c) Facial expressions d) Eye contact 70. Men and women communicate in different ways. Which represents the way in which me communicate? a) Discussion is seen as evidence of involvement. b) Inclined to be what is asked of them. c) The goal is to fix the problem. d) Decisions are to be made by consensus.
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