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66. Finance A total of $40,000 is going to be invested in stocks and bonds. A financial advisor recommends that $6000 more be invested in stocks than in bonds. How much is invested in stocks? How much is invested in bonds?
72. Banking Patrick is a loan officer at a bank. He has $2,000,000 to lend out and has two loan programs. His home equity loan is currently priced at 6% per annum, and his unsecured personal loan is priced at 14%. The bank president wants Patrick to earn a rate of return of 12% on the $2,000,000 available. How much should Patrick lend out at 6%?
74. Investments Johnny is a shrewd 8-year-old. For Christmas, his grandparents gave him $10,000. Johnny decides to invest some of the money in a savings account that pays 2% per annum and the rest in a stock fund paying 10% per annum. Johnny wants his investments
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