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67. global warming What role do dietoms play in dhe slobal carboe batance affeeting sloba B Duringa bloom, diatom populatsions increse apidly, providing many more hotosynthetio the stmosphere During a bloom, distom populations may increase rapidly. If many distoms die the bottom withour being eaten, they effectively pump carbon dioxide out of the E) Diatoms release large amounts of methane, a greenhouse sas, intlo the stmosphere 68, Which statement about the genomes of prokeryotes is correet? A) Prokaryotic genomes are diploid throughout most of the cell cycle B) C) Prokaryotie cells have multiple chromosomes, packed with a relatively large nmount of protein. D) The prokaryotic chromosome is not contained within a nucleus but, rather, is found at the E) Prokaryotic genomes are composed of circular DNA. 69 Fertilization in the earthworm is accomplished by the use of the A. nephridia B. clitellium C. flame cells D. trachea E. typhosole 70. Which of the following is the correct order of floral organs from the outside to the inside ofa complete flower? A) petals-sepals-stamens-carpels B) sepals-stamens-petals-carpels C) spores-gametes-zygote-embryo D) sepals-petals-stamens-carpels E) male gametophyte-female gametophyte-sepals-petals Which of the following is a feature that sets primate apart from all other mammals? A. naked faces B. placental embryonic development c. hairy bodies D. opposable thumbs E. ability to produce milk. 71.
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