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7. (1.19) For the triangle shown, a 72. B -43, and it perimeter is p 114 mm. Define α , β , and p , as variables, and then: Law of sines sina sin sin (180-a - 7.a Calculate the triangle sides (Use the law of sines). 7.b Calculate the radius of the circle inscribed in the triangle using the formula: tans-bis-o , where 3-a 8. (1.23) A total of 777 people have to be transported using buses that have 46 seats and vans that have 12 seats. Calculate how many buses are needed if all the buses have to be full, and how many seats will remain empty in the vans if enough vans are used to transport all the people that did not fit into the buses. (Hint: Use MATLAB built-in functions fix and ceil.) 9. (1.35) According to the Doppler effect of light, the perceived wavelength 2p of a light source with a wavelength of λ, is given by: λ,-,--., where c is the speed of light (about 300-10° m/s) and v is the speed the observer moves toward the light source. Calculate the speed the observer has to move in order to see a red light as green. Green wavelength is 530 nm and red wavelength is 630 nm. 10. (1.40) According to Newtons law of universal gravitation, the attraction force between two bodies is given by: F Gwheremy and m2 are the masses of the bodies, r is the distance between the bodies, and G 6.67 x 10 N. is the universal gravitational constant. Determine how many times the attraction force between the sun and the Earth is larger than the attraction force between the Earth and the moon. The distance between the sun and Earth is 149 x 10° m, the distance between the moon and Earth is 384.4 x 10° m, Earth- 5.98 x 10 kg, mu 2.0x 1030 kg, and con736x 102 kg 3/3
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